Bernd Puschner

Secretary ENMESH board

fingerprint Biography

Bernd graduated in psychology („Diploma“) at Saarland University in 1996. In 1999, he joined the Center for Psychotherapy Research in Stuttgart where he was responsible for conducting a large-scale longitudinal observational study on the effectiveness of routine outpatient psychotherapy.

In 2003, shortly after earning his PhD, Bernd moved to Ulm University’s Department of Psychiatry II (head Thomas Becker) to start working as senior researcher. There, he acquired grants for and co-led two randomized controlled trials examining the efficacy of progress monitoring and discharge planning in the treatment people with severe mental illness. He also coordinated the EU funded multicenter study “Clinical decision making and outcome in routine care for people with severe mental illness” (CEDAR, 2009 - 2012). Since 2018, he is principal investigator of the multicentre study Using Peer Support In Developing Empowering Mental Health Services (UPSIDES) funded by EU and GACD. Since 2008, he is Secretary and Member of the Executive Committee of the European Network for Mental Health Service Evaluation (ENMESH). In 2010, he received the Early Career Achievement Award from the Society for Psychotherapy Research (SPR). In 04/2012, he became head of the Department’s newly funded section Process-Outcome Research, and since 04/2015, he is Senior Associate Editor of the journal Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences.

Bernd’s major research interests include process-outcome research and global mental health. His publication list comprises 72 peer-reviewed papers, 11 books or book chapters, and 100+ congress contributions. 

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